About us

Our daycare is a prepay program, we also accept Title 20 Funding, in addition to private pay. The cost for services is as follows:

- $45.00 non-refundable registration fee per family. This fee is applicable to the first year. A $30.00 fee is required for subsequent years.

-   For all students, the hourly rate (for attendance less than 4hrs) is $15.00/hr. After 4 hours, the full daily rate applies.

-   For infants, ages 0-18 months, the daily rate is $60.00

-   For toddlers, ages 18 months - 3years, the daily rate is $56.00

-   For preschoolers, 3years - kindergarten, the daily rate is $50.00

-   For school age, kindergarten & older, the daily rate is $48.00

Late Fees:

-   There is a late charge of $15.00 per child if your children are not picked up by 6:05pm. A second $15.00 charge is assessed at 6:15pm, and again every 15 minutes after that. There may be additional charges and possible termination of services if this becomes a problem.

Payments for all services are due into the office every Monday by 4pm. We accept cash, checks, money orders or credit cards. There will be a $35.00 fee for returned checks.

-  Currently our hours of operation are 7am-6pm Monday-Friday. We currently have openings for all age groups.

We will provide transportation for the following fee:

-   $7.50 each trip/per child

Meals: Nutritious meals are provided to all children which meet federal guidelines and are prepared on-site, daily by our daycare cook.